Understanding what causes low libido in females

what causes low libido in females

According to Merck manual, 50% of women between the ages of 40 and 70 experience low sexual drive at a certain point in their lives. The condition is characterized by difficulty getting low libido, reduced sexual desire and challenges maintaining a mood. Women are known to be social beings; therefore, when you are suffering from low libido you suffer from depression, embarrassment, low self-esteem, and anxiety. You also tend to have a problem with maintaining relationships.

What causes low sex drive?

There are many factors that bring about the condition. These factors include:

Endocrine problems

The endocrine system produces the hormones that regulate mood, metabolism, sexual function and many other activities in the body. When one of the hormones isn’t working properly you have problems in your body. One of the female sex hormones that are known to cause in low libido is Estrogen. When Estrogen levels are low it will cause pain at the time of intercourse due to lack of vaginal lubrication.

Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle can also bring about orgasmic dysfunction. If you are overweight, sedentary, drink a lot of alcohol, and smoke, you are at great risk of developing low sex drive. The above-mentioned situations reduce blood flow to the clitoris region which is vital for you to have an intense orgasm. You should visit your doctor and have the condition diagnosed. If your lifestyle is the cause of low libido, you should consider changing it. You should stop taking alcohol and exercise more often.


Medications such as antidepressants, blood pressure, cancer drugs, and other beta-blockers have been found to make it hard for you to maintain sex drive. If you have noticed a problem after starting taking the medications, you should visit your doctor who will most likely replace your current drugs.

Emotional disorders

Sex begins in the brain. For you to have an orgasm you should go through an exciting phase which is emotional. If you are suffering from an emotional disorder you don’t get sexually excited. One of the most common emotional disorders that most women suffer from is depression. When you are depressed you feel sad, helpless and hopeless. It’s also common to feel fatigued. Another emotional disorder that women suffer from is anxiety. The condition comes about when you are scared that you won’t be able to perform or please your partner. People suffering from anxiety are able to have a full orgasm when sleeping but are unable to maintain an orgasm during intercourse.

When to seek help

For you to feel like a woman again, you should seek help from a professional. It’s recommended that you seek professional help even when you are suffering from libido problems such as orgasm and vaginal dryness. It is the most common & easier way to take female libido supplements to increase the overall sexual drive in women. You should also seek help if suffering from heart diseases, diabetes and other conditions that put you at great risk of erectile dysfunction. The professional will find the underlying causes of your condition and fix it.

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