How to stop frequent urination at night in female?

stop frequent urination at night in femaleThe common medical term for individuals who suffer from going to the bathroom during the night is called nocturia.  This is actually a symptom that affects many people. This can lead

to a complex medical condition if ignored.  For this reason, it is important not to self diagnose but to see your primary care physician to seek out an accurate diagnosis for the correct treatment protocol that will help you sleep through the night.

Frequent urination at night is defined as the sudden urge to urinate while sleeping.  This symptom can also be accompanied by some bladder discomfort.  There are several reasons why individuals may suffer from nocturia.  Some of these reasons are more common than others but the majority include drinking too many fluids late in the day, an enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hypertrophy, prostate cancer, prostate disorders, bladder disorders, irritable bladder syndrome, certain medications or over-the-counter drugs, excessive alcohol, kidney failure, excessive caffeine, diabetes, hyperparathyroidism, diuretics, pregnancy, heart failure, and bladder infections.

What causes frequent urination at night in females

There are various causes of frequent urination in women. Frequent urination is mainly seen in the following cases of females.

Frequent urination at night female pregnancy

Urge to frequent urination is the most problem in females at the time of pregnancy. When the baby’s size grows larger in the third trimester of pregnancy, it presses even more on the bladder. So an emergency is created inside the bladder to urinate frequently. To avoid frequent urination at night you should consume a lesser amount of water before going to bed.

Frequent urination at night female menopause

During menopause, frequent urination during the night may cause serious discomfort and also can lead to insomnia. Various health conditions like urinary tract infection(UTI) & bladder infection may lead to frequent urination. Reduced estrogen can cause urgent urination during the night.

Frequent urination at night elderly female

This condition leads to wakeup during the night frequently to urinate. The issue is also called nocturia may cause due to high fluid intake & bladder obstruction. High blood pressure, increased sugar level also linked with frequent urination in elderly persons. This condition can be reduced by taking the best natural bladder control supplement available over the counter.

What causes frequent urination at night

What causes frequent urination at night

There are various causes associated with this issue. Some of the common reasons are as follows:

Overactive bladder

To determine the correct cause, and therefore the most effective treatment protocol, physicians will also evaluate any other symptomatology which the patient is suffering along with nighttime urination.  One of the more common causes of nocturia is an overactive bladder. The condition causes the muscle wall of the bladder to contract causing an unstoppable and sudden urge to urinate.

Interstitial cystitis

Interstitial cystitis is another diagnosis that can cause frequent urination at night.  In this condition, there is a chronic infection in the wall of the bladder that leads to inflammation and an increased urge to urinate.  Other symptoms will include pelvic pain, painful sexual intercourse and discomfort on urination.  In severe cases, patients have recorded going to the bathroom up to 60 times in a 24-hour period. (1)

Enlarged prostate

Men who suffer from an enlarged prostate can also have frequent urination at night.  The prostate gland is located below the scrotum and wraps around the urethra.  When it becomes enlarged it blocks the flow of urine through the urethra and causes irritation of the bladder wall.  In these cases, the bladder will begin to contract even when it is holding a small amount of urine.  Men who suffer from this condition will also notice a weak urine stream, inability to urinate, dribbling after urination, straining to urinate, and incontinence. (2)

How to stop frequent urination at night

First of all, we have to diagnose the root of the issue & then only we can able to take the appropriate action. Below are some of the steps we should take to get rid of frequent urination at night.

Speak with your primary care physician

Individuals who get up during the night frequently to use the bathroom should see their physician after attempting to decrease their fluid intake in the latter part of the day.  If they continue to have frequent trips to the bathroom even though they stop drinking fluid after 5 p.m. or the number of bathroom visits interferes with normal work, travel, or sleep they should schedule an appointment with their primary care physician.  Individuals who have pain or burning when urinating or frequency that is accompanied by a constant urge to urinate should also see their primary care physician.

Frequent urination at night natural remedies

Frequent urination at night natural remediesNatural remedies can’t be ignored while treating frequent urination at night. By choosing the right overactive bladder diet & proven bladder strengthening supplements you can get relief from this issue. There are also some over the counter medicine available for overactive bladder syndrome in the United States, UK & other countries around the globe.

Avoid excessive alcohol or fluid intake

If individuals suffer from nighttime urination because of excessive alcohol or fluid intake, making simple lifestyle choices can significantly reduce the number of times they get up during the night.  Individuals who must limit their caffeine should not consume anything that contains caffeine, including tea and chocolate, approximately 6 hours before going to bed.  People who suffer because of excessive fluid intake should severely limit their fluid intake at least four hours before going to bed.

When an individual lies down sometimes there is a redistribution of fluid as the bloodstream reabsorbs extra fluid from the extremities and soft tissue.  This condition can cause frequent urination at night and those who believe they are experiencing this should consult with their physician to receive the proper treatment.

Other medical conditions that can cause frequent urination at night also include congestive heart failure, heart disease, insomnia, high blood pressure, vascular disease, sleep disorders and restless leg syndrome.

Final word

In any case, an individual must seek the advice and care of their primary care physician in order to be accurately diagnosed.  Only through accurate diagnosis can the proper treatment protocols be recommended to increase the chances of success.  Frequent urination at night can result in sleep deprivation and encourage insomnia.  Address this problem with your primary care physician to ensure more optimal health and better rest.


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