6(Six) tips on how to increase sex drive in women!

We are naturally sexual beings, but sometimes we need a little help in that department. Wanting to increase the sex drive in women is a normal thing and a lower sex drive than normal could be due to a number of reasons. Stress, older age, hormones and more all contribute to a lower sex drive in women. But a lower sex drive isn’t something that’s permanent. There are a number of things that can increase sex drive in women and here are a few options:

Get enough sleep

how to increase sex drive in womenIf you have a hectic lifestyle, you probably don’t get enough sleep, making you tired all the time. If you want to feel that passion again, make sure that you get enough sleep so that your body is refreshed each day. Exhaustion can really harm your sex drive and some shuteye might be just what you need to increase your sex drive.

Use natural female arousal pills and gels

Female arousal pills and gelsIf you’re wondering how to increase sex drive in women, you can also use female arousal pills and gels. These pills and gels made of natural ingredients that contain aphrodisiac for women. You can take the pills each day to see an improvement in a few weeks or use topical gels that provide arousal instantly. Both are effective ways of increasing a female’s sex drive.


how do i increase my sex drive femaleStress puts a woman’s sex drive in the park and can make her not feel aroused. To increase your libido, do anything you can to de-stress. Get regular massages, take time to do your nails and hair or anything else that will provide you with some R&R. Once you feel less stressed, you’ll start to feel relaxed and will see your sex drive increase tenfold.

Increase sex drive through foreplay

Before getting to the main event, partake in some fun foreplay. Focus on sexual massages, use sex toys, role play and anything else that’ll get you in the mood for sex. Learn how to master the art of foreplay to increase your sex drive naturally. Body parts are also should not be ignored at the time of foreplay. Get more hot foreplay ideas on how to enhance your sex here.

Exercise Regularly

Gets your heart pumping so that the blood flows to your genitals! Exercising regularly will increase your body’s blood flow, stimulating your genitals and getting you more excited for sex.

Healthy thoughts

To get yourself in the mood, change your attitude about sex. Instead of focusing on your low sex drive, change your mind so that you picture yourself thoroughly enjoying sex. By seeing things in a more positive light, you’re more bound to crave sex!

If you’re wondering how to increase female sex drive, these tips should definitely help!

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